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Your home’s windows represent a large investment for your property. Well maintained windows help hold the value of your home. A small crack in your window can let air seep in and out causing wasted energy and higher utility bills. Replacing cracked or old glass will increase your home’s aesthetic appearance, save on utility bills and increase the comfort of your home.




Insulated Glass Replacement

Complete Window Replacement

Storm Window Repair and Replacement

Screen Repair and Replacement

Insulated Glass Replacement:

If your double pane (insulated glass unit) is cracked or collecting moisture inside the panes, you DON’T have to replace your entire window! The insulated glass unit can be replaced in most windows with minimal disruption. Let our experienced glazers replace your glass for far less money than a complete window replacement.


We can typically replace double or triple pane insulated glass units. You can choose the addition of a Low-E coating to add energy efficiency to your home. 

We provide on-site installation for insulated glass units for most windows. If your window sash is removable, you can bring the window to our shop for glass replacement at a lesser cost.

Window Replacement:

Storm Window Repair and Replacement:

We can replace broken single pane glass in most frames as well as reglaze (putty) existing glass in wood framed windows.  Our experienced glazers can help guide you in determining whether you need new glass or new glazing!


We can replace the glass in most storm windows and self-storing windows.  Over years of accumulation of window parts and pieces we can generally repair broken hardware as well. We also have access to multiple suppliers for hardware and self-storing storm windows.

Screen Repair and Replacement:

When you want to take advantage of our fresh Wyoming air without letting insects and creepy crawlies in, we have you covered!  If your windows are missing screens or the existing screens have rips and holes, bring them to us!  We have all the tools and materials on hand with experienced staff that can take this task off your hands so you can move on to other outdoor activities!


We stock three standard colors for window screen frames: white, bronze, and mill finish. If your screen has a bent or broken rail, we can cut new rails, replace screen corners as needed, and rescreen the frame with your choice of fiberglass or pet screen mesh. In some cases, we can paint to match as close as possible if you have a different color of frame.


Our standard fiberglass screen mesh is charcoal in color with a mesh size of 18 x 16. This screen mesh is lightweight yet durable for Wyoming weather. It will keep insects out, won’t dent or bend out of shape, and it is useful for patio doors, porch screens and windows.


We also stock pet screen mesh in charcoal color.  Pet screen mesh is made of an ultra-strong vinyl-coated polyester that resists damage from cats and dogs. This mesh is 20% stronger than standard fiberglass screen mesh.

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